Friday, August 28, 2009

Twisted Pair Wired vs Coaxial Cable vs Fiber Optic Cable

Twisted Pair Wired
~ inexpensive and readily available
~ flexible and light weight
~ easy to work with and install

~ susceptibility to interference and noise
~attenuation problem
~ for analog, repeaters needed every 5-6km
~ for digital, repeaters needed every 2-3km
~ relatively low bandwidth (300Hz)

Coaxial Cable
~ higher bandwidth - 400 to 600 Mhz
- up to 10800 voice conversations
~ can be tapped easily (pros and cons)
~ much less susceptible to interference than twisted pair

~ high attenuation rate makes it expensive over long distance
~ bulky

Fiber Optic Cable
~ greater capactity (bandwidth of up to 2 Gbps)
~ smaller size and lighter weight
~ lower attenuation
~ immunity to environmental interference
~ highly secure due to tap difficulty and lack of signal radiation

~ expensive over short distance
~ requires highly skilled installers
~ adding additional nodes is difficult


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